Sioux Falls may be in the middle of the coldest January on record. However, the cold isn't keeping people away from trying the hottest burgers in this year's Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle.

37 burgers are part of the 11th annual Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle. But did you know there is a secret burger in this year's battle? It's hidden in one of the most unlikely places in Sioux Falls: A coffee shop.

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The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company in Sioux Falls is known for its warm brews and friendly service. Pretty soon people will be talking about the new Burger Battle Latte on the menu for customers to enjoy for a limited time!

Staff at The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company originally said creating a Burger Battle Latte was a joke. No one ever thought this joke would turn into a reality. Well...kind of! In a Facebook post, officials with The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company explain there are no real burgers in the latest coffee creation.

There are no actual burgers in it, but there ARE several household condiments, also you do get a tiny veggie burger sidecar on a @Looksbakehouse teeny weeny brioche.

The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company made not one but TWO burger coffee creations in honor of the Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle. Coffee drinkers of the Sioux Empire can order a Burger Battle Latte (BBL) either hot or iced.

The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. (via Facebook)
The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. (via Facebook)

Be careful what you wish for! The Burger Battle Latte is unlike any other coffee you'll find in Sioux Falls!

Are you bold enough to try the new Burger Battle Latte from The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company?

People Say They Hate These 7 Things About Sioux Falls the Most

In the last few years, I've had the opportunity to live in another state after living in Sioux Falls for a decade. Then late last year I moved back to the SooFoo, and I am super happy to have returned.

Sioux Falls has just about everything I like. It's big enough to have lots of opportunities for work and recreation.

Being on the western edge of the 'Midwest' and the eastern edge of the 'Western Frontier' we've got a nice balance of the individualistic pioneer spirit and a strong urban 'We're in this together' attitude.

But, of course, not everything is perfect. People have complaints. On the social-network Reddit, people have even listed their complaints about Sioux Falls. Specifically, the things that hate about living here.

2024 Sioux Falls Area Concert Calendar [UPDATED]

2023 was a banner year for live music in Sioux Falls. Recovery from the pandemic has been strong and Sioux Falls is getting to enjoy so many great live shows.

This year saw Matchbox 20 finally get to play in Sioux Falls after several postponements. Luke Bryan took Sioux Falls by storm. Recently Jelly Roll made lifelong fans when he was in the Sioux Empire.

2024 will continue to see the Denny Sanford PREMIERE Center hosting big-name music acts. Country music is the dominant genre on the calendar, but it's still early.

There are also fantastic shows planned in Brookings, Grandfalls Casino, and The District in Sioux Falls.

Here are the concerts that have been announced for 2024 in and around Sioux Falls.

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

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