Getting married can be stressful and one Minnesota bride is experiencing every bride's nightmare.

Katelyn Stalboerger from Minnesota was planning to get married on Saturday, May 4th at the Circle B Weddings and Events in Isanti, Minnesota. This venue suddenly closed, and now Katelyn is calling for help to find a new space! 


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Katelyn Stalboerger recently posted a video on her TikTok account asking others to help her find a new wedding venue for May 4th. It's a heartbreaking video circling the internet for the last 48 hours.

The Minnesota native explains in her video that Circle B Weddings and Events gave no warning or and blamed the "current economic environment" for the closure. But it's left Katelyn and her future husband in a tough position financially just weeks before her wedding.

We just got an email that they effectively, immediately closed the venue. And so we have nowhere to go and...we're not getting our money back. So if anyone knows of anything in Isanti, Minnesota in that area (because our church is in Ham Lake), please let us know. We are just trying to figure out what to do.

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Katelyn is not the only Minnesota bride searching for a last-minute venue. Other venues in Minnesota like Ivy Black Weddings & Events are offering to help any Minnesota bride who was previously booked with Circle B Weddings and Events. 

Ivy Black Weddings & Events (screenshot via Facebook)
Ivy Black Weddings & Events (screenshot via Facebook)

After just getting married in March, I understand the stress Katelyn and other Circle B Weddings and Events brides are feeling. Since the video, Minnesotans have been commenting on Katelyn's videos with suggestions.

You will get through this, Katelyn! Just remember what the day is all and your future husband!

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