It's hard to believe that going to concerts was not happening three years ago. Now like music, concerts and live shows are back.

Some of the biggest names in the music industry are stopping in Sioux Falls to bring the house down with their latest hits as well as their old-time favorites. This includes the band Matchbox Twenty.

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After three years of waiting, Matchbox Twenty finally took the stage at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center Friday night (June 9, 2023). Matchbox Twenty was a victim of the seemingly endless COVID concert postponements.

Sioux Empire fans were tingling with excitement to finally see this band.  And although they are not a country group like I usually see, I was pretty excited to see Matchbox Twenty.

Matchbox Twenty has been in the music industry for over 20 years. The band is known for songs like "Unwell," If You're Gone," "Disease," and "3AM" just to name a few. Matchbox Twenty also brought their friend singer Matt Nathanson to open the show. All around, it was a great Friday night for music! The show was well worth the wait.

If you missed the show, take a look at some pictures and videos from the evening.

Matchbox Twenty in Sioux Falls

I have listened to Matt Nathanson's music for a while. This song I haven't heard in such a long time! Matt's song "Run" is a 2011 hit that features the country group Sugarland. And the person singing in the Very badly too haha!

Matt did a great tribute for multiple artists throughout his set. He even did this song from the late-great George Michael.

"Come On Get Higher" is probably Matt's biggest song. This song was released in 2007. Yes, I was singing really loud for this one!

After three years of waiting, Matchbox Twenty finally took the stage! Cleary from this video...I was thrilled to see Rob Thomas.

Matchbox Twenty was playing all the hits to start the show. The song "Real World" from 1998 was one of the first songs of the night.

"Disease" from 2002 is one of the band's top songs. I don't think there wasn't a single person not singing this entire concert.

Matchbox Twenty in Sioux Falls

I remember my parents playing Matchbox Twenty's music around the house often. "Overjoyed" is one of my favorites from the group.

Arguably one of the biggest songs from Matchbox Twenty is "If You're Gone." The group is a powerful acoustic rendition of the 2000. Everyone was singing inside the Denny for this one.

"Bent" is another hit song to add to the list for the night. This song from 2000 was nominated at the time for Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

I can't remember a time when I was not dancing or singing to "She's So Mean." This song from Matchbox Twenty is definitely one of my top three favorites. I was so happy they played this song!

The encore was something else. Matchbox Twenty pulled out all the stops. The first encore song was "3AM." This is probably one of my dad's favorite songs. I even tried to FaceTime him after this recording!

You can't have a Matchbox Twenty concert without hearing "Unwell." This encore setlist felt like it was meant for the fans.

"Push" was one of the last songs of the night. The fans did not want this show to stop!

Matchbox Twenty in Sioux Falls

Thanks to Matt Nathanson and Matchbox Twenty for an amazing night of music! We are so glad you finally paid a visit to the Sioux Empire.

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