Have you ever sat down and put a pencil to your budget and spending narrowing it down to every single day? If I asked you how much you spend per day, could you answer that?

It raises the question, how much does the average person spend per day?

Some expenses in life are unavoidable, like housing, transportation, and healthcare. Others are negotiable, like entertainment, cable, and clothing.

GOBankingRates did some digging to learn how much we spend on a daily basis and found that the average American spends $164.55 a day. That amounts to just over $60,000 a year, which is fine for people who can afford it. But for those spending down their entire paychecks and racking up debt, it's a very different story.

The typical American's daily spending can be broken out as follows in these categories:

  • Housing: $32.59
  • Dining out: $9.22
  • Entertainment: $8.78
  • Clothing/apparel: $5.02
  • Cell phone service: $3.06
  • Pets: $1.95
  • Alcohol: $1.53

Again, these are per day amounts. So multiply it out to per week, month or even yearly. I can tell you right now, $1.53 per day would cover my Scotch!


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