This is a very good question that maybe only you yourself can answer. Only you know your budget and your sweetheart.

One thing I can offer here is what the average person will spend. Naturally there are the extreme situations of the guy that can afford giving his girlfriend a new yacht. But that guy is not me.

According to The National Retail Federation, the average person will spend $130.97 on candy, cards, gifts and more for Valentine's Day. That's up about $5.00 over last year's average.

Total spending is estimated to reach $18.6 billion. Valentine's Day continues to be one of the biggest gift giving holidays of the year.

$1.5 billion of this will be for the gift that keeps on giving, and that of course cards. The items that always top the list include candy, flowers, clothing and jewelry.

If you're planning on going out for dinner, you better have a reservation. Restaurants will be full Thursday night.

Valentine's Day can be awkward, especially if you've just started dating someone. What's appropriate and what's not? Do you play it safe and go with flowers and chocolate? Is getting jewelry too aggressive? Is lingerie off limits?

With that, I will point out once again that only you can answer these questions. Not only will your budget will weigh in here, but also how daring you are.

You have exactly 3 days to get your plan in place. This old married man wishes you good luck!


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