It's not everyday a politician opens the door for complaints, but South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds is actually welcoming your frustrations and complaints regarding how federal regulations have impacted your life and work.

Do you think there's too much over regulation, spending, fraud or abuse of power?  Let him know your thoughts about how it has impacted you personally.

“I continue to hear from South Dakotans who are being overwhelmed by federal bureaucracy and red tape,” said Rounds. “This will give them the opportunity to share their stories with me so I can better understand which agencies and regulations are in need of reform. For too long, unelected bureaucrats have made sweeping decisions with almost no oversight or accountability. This has led to complicated regulations that are unworkable for the American people. I have made it a priority in the Senate to reduce unnecessary and excess regulations to make government more effective, efficient and accountable. Hearing your stories will help me accomplish that goal.”

Visit Mike Round's website for more information about submitting your complaint.