For years and years, South Dakota State University's "claim to fame" has notoriously been known as the founder of cookies-n-cream ice cream.  So South Dakotans must really, really love their Oreos!

However, there are some circumstances where individuals cannot enjoy an Oreo treat due to various dietary concerns.  Now, OREO Cookie is creating a tasty cookie that everyone can enjoy.  Beginning in January 2021, consumers can expect to see Gluten-Free Oreos hitting the store shelves across the country.  It's about time!

The popular cookie company posted the exciting announcement on its Twitter page.  Oreo lovers already cannot wait for if you didn't need another reason to reach the end of 2020.

According to an article from Eater, the new Gluten-Free Oreo cookies will be available in regular and Double Stuf cookies in stores.  In a separate interview with CNN, a representative of the cookie company explains, "Oreo has been planning the launch of gluten-free cookies 'for some time'; the company just wanted to make sure the recipe delivered a 'comparable snacking experience to the original recipe.' "  OREO Cookie wanted to be able to share this cookie with everyone to enjoy.  Now that dream is a reality.

To make this cookie super official and safe to eat for those who are sensitive to gluten, the gluten- free Oreo has been approved and certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America. This certification allows gluten-free labels to be visible on all gluten-free packages of Oreo cookies.

This sure is great news for all gluten-free eaters!


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