Ahhh, it's good to have friends.

My pal down the hall Ben Kuhns had written a story about Sioux Falls showing up in songs. I was familiar with one of them, a good 'ol country music cheatin' song by Toby Keith called 'Stays In Mexico'.

And then another friend, the Professor of Country Music Joe Morrison (who had read the story) sent me an email. Joe is one of those guys that knows pert near everything there is to know about country music, and I mean going back to the very beginning! Anyway, Joe sent me a link to a youtube video that featured a guy named Rod Morris and a song that not only has Sioux Falls mentioned in the song, it's in the title!

Joe mentioned that Rod Morris is credited (in most places) with writing the legendary Jim Reeves second #1 hit 'Bimbo' and may have sold the song to Pee Wee King. Joe goes on to say that Rod Morris worked for our sister station KSOO back in the early 50's when he wrote and recorded 'Half Shot in Sioux Falls'.

I was able to track down a little more information about Rod here at bear-family.com. And who knows, maybe your Grandparents or Great-Grandparents either heard him on the air at KSOO or heard him play at one of the local venues 'back-in-the-day'!

Meantime, go ahead and get 'Half Shot In Sioux Falls' with Rod Morris below!


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