Summertime only means one thing in South Dakota. Golf and lots of it!

There are only so many days out of the year that South Dakota golfers and other visitors to the state have an opportunity to go to a course and play golf.  In an effort to expand the golfing experiences in this region, during the summer, professional golfers from across the country have the chance to participate in a series of organized tournaments in the Upper Midwest known as The Dakotas Tour.

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What exactly is The Dakotas Tour? It’s a professional golf tour played in parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota.  There are 19 total events during the season’s tour.  It typically starts in the middle of June and runs through the month of August.  Overall, the players are competing for a grand total of $750,000 during The Dakotas Tour.

The Dakotas Tour teed off for the first time this season this past weekend at Bakker Crossing Championship Golf Course, a course located just outside of Sioux Falls. The conditions for this three-day tournament were definitely less than ideal. It was extremely hot and windy. However, 61 professional golfers took on this challenge in an effort to potentially win a $10,000 first prize purse. That's quite the paycheck for a weekend’s worth of work.

The Bakker Crossing Pro-AM was only the beginning of an exciting 2022 Dakotas Tour! There are plenty of more opportunities to watch these pros demonstrate their golfing expertise. Heck, maybe you're an amateur that possesses a strong desire to test your game against fellow local amateurs and claim those bragging rights against such a strong field?!?

You can find out more about this year's schedule as well as all pertinent details about The Dakotas Tour by clicking here.


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