It is incredibly common for beer, seltzer, mixed drinks, and straight shots to be imbibed while recreating at a campground. But that can get you arrested in Iowa.

According to, 38-year-old Jennifer Renae Kirchner was arrested in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 12 at Hills Park Campground in Sheldon.

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A disturbance was reported in the middle of the night at the campground. Sheldon police responded to the call and told Kirchner that she needed to stay inside her camper or they would arrest her. If you have read this far you know that she did not listen to that warning.

At around 3:30 am, Kirchner was taken into arrested and charged with public intoxication. She pleaded guilty the same day and was hit with a $105 fine.

As I have noted before, Iowa has a peculiar law when it comes to public intoxication. If you are drunk in public you can be charged with it under Iowa public code 123.4. South Dakota has no such law specifically for just being drunk in public, however, you could get disturbing the peace.

The really strange part of the Iowa law is that you can also get popped for public intoxication if you pretend.

A person shall not simulate intoxication in a public place. A person violating this subsection is guilty of a simple misdemeanor.

Pretending to be drunk can get you arrested in Iowa. However, aside from being really annoying in the middle of the night, being drunk at a campground is as normal as having your mouth open at the dentist.

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