The 80th Annual National Association of Farm Broadcasting is underway in Kansas City, Missouri and we've been able to sit down with the who's who in the ag industry this week.

Farm Credit Services of America is a leading provider of credit and insurance services to farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. I was able to sit down with Fallon Savage, a Senior Vice President at FCS America, and discuss land financing, proteins, and what the future looks like as we head into 2024 and beyond.

Take a listen to the interview in the audio clip below.

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To learn more about Farm Credit Services of America and what they have to offer farmers and agribusiness, check out their website.

Story Source: Farm Credit Services of America Website

Life on a Cattle Ranch in Western South Dakota

Life is different out in the country. One look at the photo from Robin Bickel and you quickly realize that a workday is quite different as well, after all, she lives out west in South Dakota Cattle Country.

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