NAFB 2023 took place last week in Kansas City, Missouri, and it gave farm broadcasters from all over the country a chance to visit with some of the biggest names in the agriculture industry.

I had the opportunity to speak with a few of the representatives with BASF at this year's Trade Talk. Kim Tutor, Technical Marketing Manager addressed which fungicides worked best in 2023 for white mold and other problems that plagued corn and soybeans.

Also, Nicholas Schweizer, Director of Business Operations with BASF spoke about some of the challenges growers are facing in agriculture today, along with some of the new products the company has coming in 2024.

To hear both interviews with BASF, check out the audio clips below.

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To learn more about the products BASF has to offer, as well as financing options, check out the company's website.

Story Source: BASF Website

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