January means it is Burger Battle season!

This year there are a whopping 16 burgers to try and I am trying to get through them all.

This year, voting is done via Downtown Sioux Falls' new app! It is called the DTSF Passport. It is so slick, smooth, and user friendly. You can find out more about the Burger Battle and the app here.

My first burger was from The Market. Next, was Mackenzie River.

Up next, Parker's Bistro!

Their burger is cleverly titled The 210 burger after their street address. Cute.

Parker's Bistro took a couple years off from the Burger Battle, but they are back in 2020.

The 210 Burger is described as, "A waygu patty served with house made green chili bacon, harvati, fresno jelly and a jalapeño popper all on a brioche bun."

Let's get right to it.

  • The burger was a smidge spicier than The Chorizo Burger from Mackenzie River, but they balanced it well with the fresno jelly.
  • The jalapeno popper was literally on top of the burger. Great presentation.
  • This is the second brioche bun and again, I love brioche. Solid choice.

Overall, the burger was a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet. Kinda like me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The burger came with fries, which I know aren't technically part of the battle, but they were well seasoned and I could definitely eat some more of those.

Parker's Bistro can get pretty busy and isn't very big. Might be a good idea to call ahead or make a reservation if you are hoping to try their yummy 210 Burger.

You guys, this is getting tough. It's hard to compare these burgers because they're all so different yet delicious for different reasons.

13 to go!

Natasha/Hot 104.7
Natasha/Hot 104.7



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