Here's some (p)awful news: letting your pooch in bed may cost you some shuteye.

The May Clinic has conducted a study to investigate how dogs sleeping in bed affects the quality of rest for their owners.

Researchers tracked sleep patterns for 40 healthy adults and their dogs over a five-month period. The results?

...sleeping with dogs helps some people sleep better ─ no matter if they’re snoozing with a small schnauzer or dozing with a Great Dane. There is one caveat, however. Don’t let your canines crawl under the covers with you. The sleep benefit extends only to having dogs in your bedroom ─ not in your bed. According to the study, adults who snuggled up to their pups in bed sacrificed quality sleep."

Well, that's some, uh, interesting news, right? So, the next time you banish Fido to the floor because he refuses to move from between your legs, stopping you from rolling to your side and depriving you of the good night's sleep you need before you give that big presentation, ultimately costing you that promotion you were counting on, don't feel too bad.

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