Over the last five years, Sioux Falls has become more than just a pit stop on your way to the Black Hills. It has become a destination. When you're vacationing in Sioux Falls, you can play, explore, eat, drink, and ultimately sleep!

Sioux Falls and other cities throughout the Sioux Empire boast many fine local establishments. However, one particular establishment has caught the eye of the national magazine AARP, citing this place can’t be missed when traveling through South Dakota.

AARP recently published a South Dakota travel guide detailing a five day jaunt out west. Day one of the trip is spending the day in Sioux Falls and ending the night at...The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips!

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The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips (via Facebook)
The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips (via Facebook)

The article from AARP shares with readers that The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips is "the elegant, supremely comfy and not-so-pricey Hotel on Phillips is housed in the refurbished Sioux Falls National Bank, built in 1918. Walk through the former bank vault to enjoy a craft cocktail in The Treasury lounge."  There is a sense of elegance in the atmosphere. Not only does The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips have unique cocktails, but also some great dishes to pair with these drinks.

So if you have already seen South Dakota’s staple historic sites, namely Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial,  AARP highly recommends that you pay a visit to some "less-visited, and equally unforgettable attractions" as you explore the state. The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips is just one highlight in this travel guide published by AARP.

This national recognition from AARP is just another feather in the city's cap!  Sioux Falls is just booming, and there's no sign of this train slowing down anytime soon.

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