1968 was a lot of things to a lot of different people.

The year of assassination's, both MLK and RFK.

Vietnam, draft dodgers, campus unrest, the space program, election of Richard Nixon, the retirement of Lyndon Johnson, and so much more.

Cutting through it all was a song, a rather quiet song that made a huge noise.

His name was (is) Bobby Goldsboro and within weeks of it's release, 'Honey' had become a musical sensation in virtually all musical fields.

Rock. Pop. Country. Easy Listening.  You couldn't get away from 'Honey'.

And didn't want to.

'Honey' was the biggest selling song of 1968.

So, in the video below, let's take a trip back, back 50 years, and once again listen to the loving and tragic tale of 'Honey'.

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