Many are saying that this 15-year-old from Nashville has the talent and songwriting ability that could be compared to Taylor Swift.  But Melody Williamson, a ninth grader that has been performing with her family's band, Williamson Branch, since she was two years old, also believes that the music genre she loves the most has lost the class it once had.

In her latest video of her original song 'There's No Country Here', Williamson sings about the loss of "genuine sole" in today's country music.  The 15-year-old longs for lyrics that have a deeper meaning than simply tractors, trucks and beer.

Though she refuses to point a finger at a particular singer or singers that she doesn't care for, Williamson does admit that it's really not their fault they sing about what they do. She says,

I think the whole music genre has lost a considerable amount of class, and lost what it originally set out to do, and it's really the music itself rather than specific artists.

Getting her country influences from Dolly Parton, Allison Krause and Loretta Lynn, Williamson has early plans on continuing to follow her dreams in country, bluegrass or gospel music, with hopes of putting feeling and class back into the songs.

Whether you agree with her feelings about today's country music or not, Melody Williamson is a very talented 15-year old that is passionate about country music and has the ability to put her thoughts and beliefs into something she truly loves.

Source:  Huffington Post