The first snowfall of the season brought more than a thousand tickets to Sioux Falls vehicle owners who were parked in the way of the snowplows.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says police and parking patrol officers wrote 1,033 tickets during the plowing operations after the snow alert was issued.

He says police also took reports on 93 crashes on Saturday, 42 on Sunday and six during the Monday morning commute.

Clemens says 93 crashes on the first day of snow is close to normal, as people often need a little time to remember how drive in snow and on slick surfaces.

He says the figure is usually higher if the first snowfall comes during the week.

Clemens says towing began Monday morning of vehicles that were still snowed in after the plows had gone through.

He says police and the parking patrol began in Zone 2 and were working their way outward from there.

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