Finally you get the word. You can return to your workplace, get back to your office, your cubicle, your desk. You can get back to 'normal'.

Do you jump for joy and anticipate pulling into that old familiar parking lot, see those old familiar faces?

Maybe, maybe not.

According to an article in GoodNewsNetwork, a survey was conducted, mostly in the United States but a few other countries as well, and the results weren't exactly overwhelming as far as getting back and mingling with your coworkers.

In fact, 48% basically said 'Yeah, I think I'll just stay here at home and get the job done'.

So why are almost half of workers doing the remote thing enjoying it? The survey found a number of reasons including a more flexible schedule, saving money, wearing whatever they want, and access to the kitchen. it's having the TV on in the background, not having to put gas in the car, toiling in your underwear, and being able to grab leftovers from the fridge.

OK then!

These people love it so much, half said they'd take a pay cut if they could stay home and work. Wow!

You can read the entire article here and for cryin' out loud, put some pants on!

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