So the basic question is this:

Where do you work? The answer, of course, varies. A whole bunch of South Dakotans work at home, for themselves. They live off the land. Agriculture is the biggest industry in the state. We love our farmers and ranchers, the folks that work the dirt.

Or perhaps you work at a small business, what we lovingly call a 'Mom and Pop' operation. Maybe a half dozen or ten employees that have become family.

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And then there are the big fella's. Those companies that have so many employees you don't even know them all. Fellow employees that you may never even see. Oh yeah, we have those here in the Sunshine state as well. So, who are the largest of the large?

Well, Zippia has a list of the 100 biggest companies in the state. And frankly, there are names at or near the top that you're familiar with, names like Sanford, Avera, South Dakota State University and Daktronics. If you've lived in South Dakota for any length of time, you may have well done business with a number of them

But what about those 'big companies' that make you go...huh?

What's the biggest company located in Aberdeen? Huron? Vermillion? Watertown? Maybe you're familiar with them, maybe not.

And there are some surprises on the list. A company headquartered in Gregory is the 4th biggest in the state? Yes.

Check out the Zippia list of Top 100 for 2023 right here.

And if you happen to work for one of those 'Mom and Pop' small businesses? Well, I love you guys. I grew up with those places. Heck, my dad and mom owned and operated the Leota Cafe in Leota, Minnesota. And no, they didn't make the Top 100 Minnesota list!

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