No matter how much you like your job, there are days when your body and mind are dragging at work.

It's on those days when the thought of laying your head down on your desk and getting a little nap in sounds like a slice of heaven.

But you wouldn't actually do that on the clock, would you?

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It turns out there are a number of professions when getting in some shuteye at work is actually quite commonplace.

The practice has become popular in some industries that companies like Amazon are actually stocking their offices with sleep pods.

And while some employers do allow napping at the office, it is still greatly frowned upon in most places.

But that isn't stopping some employees from 'resting their eyes' at work anyway.

Recently, Amerisleep surveyed more than a thousand workers, ages 18-75 using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, to see which occupations have the highest rate of nappers.


  • Technology (70%)
  • Construction (68.4%)
  • Government/ Public Administration (63.5%)
  • Finance/Insurance (58.9%)
  • Information Services/Data Processing (58%)
  • Manufacturing/Transportation/Warehousing (52.6%)
  • Medical/Health Care (52.1%)
  • Education (45.6%)
  • Wholesale/Retail (42.9%)
  • Hotel/Food Service/Hospitality (34.6%)

While a portion of the blame lies in the boring nature of some jobs, experts say the main contributing factor is a lack of quality sleep at home.

Here are some of the best tips for getting a more restful slumber each night:

  • Avoid heavy meals, greasy food, and sugary desserts
  • Use diffusing essential oils
  • Use a gentle stretching routine before bed
  • Sleep in a breathable fabric
  • Invest in a high-quality mattress and pillow

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