It's been a long day. I mean, a really long day. Things just didn't go well at work. And speaking of work, there's too much of it to get done in a day. You're on edge.

Or maybe it's a relative. Maybe mom, maybe dad, maybe son or daughter or...someone. For whatever reason, things are tense with them. And that puts you...yes, on edge.

Or maybe it's something else.

Anyway, you finally get home, close the door, have a drink of your choice and fairly collapse on the sofa. And here he comes. Your dog. And he knows...not sure exactly how, but he knows.

And now he's stressed, too.

Sound a little weird?

National Geographic is reporting on a study that was done. And that study found that whatever feeling a dog owner has, the dog can have it, too. Stress? Yes. Fear? Yep. Somehow it can transfer from you to Fido...or Rex...or Ruff, or whatever moniker you gave your four-legged friend.

They say your dog likely picks up on subtle changes their owner exhibits, things like pacing, nail biting, irritability and even body odor changes. In other words, your dog reads your emotions and responds accordingly.

Read the entire article here and maybe when you get home, relax and snuggle up with your dog. He'll like it, and so will you.