I've been on the planet a long time. I mean really, quite awhile. And I've heard about a lot of things, a lot of stuff. But I found out there's always something new to learn about.

No, it's not some new-fangled technology. I've stopped trying to keep up with that pretty much since the demise of CDs.

It's Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Are you familiar with them?

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It was last week that my daughter Jessie said you won't believe what we just got. I immediately went 'Uh-oh'. You see, she and her family live on a farmstead in northeast Nebraska and they have quite a conglomeration of, ah, friends there. In addition to the hundreds of cattle they raise, they have three dogs. They have one sow that will eventually die of old age. And now they have three Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Oh, I'm familiar with goats. Even miniature goats. But Nigerian Dwarf Goats? I had to Google that and yes, there it was...Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

According to what I could find, the first of these critters came to America between the 1930s and 1960s and lived in zoos. But they, well, expanded since then. So now apparently, they're here there, and everywhere.

And three are part of the family. There's Chester, Harvey, and Kevin. That's Kevin in the picture below with my Granddaughter MacKenna.

Randy McDaniel/TSM
Randy McDaniel/TSM

And yes, it looks like both Kevin and MacKenna are getting along just fine.

Randy McDaniel/TSM
Randy McDaniel/TSM

OK, so now that Chester, Harvey, and Kevin have joined the clan, only one question remains: What's next?

I'm thinking a burro. Or buffalo. Or peacocks. Or...

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