You love your career. You love your work. You're doing exactly what you want to do. But there's one problem.

You're unhappy. Well, you're not alone.

Thanks to a new study, Forbes Magazine is reporting that 26% of employees are motivated but unhappy.

Huh? Well, these are people dislike their company but are still motivated to give a full 100% effort at their work.

The article says there are any number of reasons why folks dislike their companies. No matter how many bad decisions you feel your boss makes, you still love your chosen industry and career. You enjoy your coworkers. Or just maybe you're motivated to build your personal and professional reputation so you can move along someday and go out on your own.

So if you're one of those who love your work, but aren't exactly enamored with your company, you're not alone. See that person next to you or maybe down the hall?

He/she may well feel the same way.

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