If you're looking for the perfect tourist attraction that symbolizes the Midwest, then look no further! The World's Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota is the epitome of the Midwest, especially in South Dakota.

One YouTube personality that embraces everything the Midwest has to offer recently paid a visit to The World's Only Corn Palace. His mission was to find the coolest small town bars in the Midwest.

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Myles Montplaisir is a social media personality who is known as the "You Betcha" guy. This North Dakota native describes his social media content as the "Midwest entertainment channel that loves Busch Light, ranch and all things Midwest." He finds some of the best bars that are the hidden gems of Midwestern cities. Not only did he find the "coolest bar" in Mitchell, he also called it the "corniest bar" in the state.

In a recent video on his YouTube page, Myles went to checkout the Scoreboard Pub & Grille in Mitchell. This bar also happens to be next to The World's Only Corn Palace. While being at the Scoreboard Pub & Grille, Myles shares with his viewers that he feels like a "corn star" at this bar.

Myles actually does a great job showcasing this small town bar and The World's Only Corn Palace. In fact, he proudly says that The World's Only Corn Palace is "the Midwest.” After he enjoyed a burger and corn on the cob at the Scoreboard Pub & Grille, he ventured into this corny building and ended up walking in on the Dakota Wesleyan University men’s basketball practice. Head coach of the DWU Tigers Matt Wilber tested the "You Betcha" man's skills. Looks like Myles might have earned a spot on the team!


To watch Myles' full corny South Dakota experience, click here to watch his fun day!

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