Many people have a fear of bees. Maybe (like me) you were stung when you were little and seeing them brings back that feeling? But in reality, bees are one of the most important animals in mother nature.

Last year, the city of Sioux Falls passed a beekeeping ordinance, which allows residents to keep a beehive on their property.

According to Dakota News Now, only one person has applied for the permit so far, but that number is expected to grow soon.

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If an individual wants to keep a beehive on their property, they must apply for a permit with the City of Sioux Falls Animal Control first. Then the person must go through a beekeeping class, which is approved by the city.

Not only is beekeeping great for the local ecosystem, but it can also be an investment, especially these days. According to Tim Olson, President of the Northwest Iowa Beekeepers Association, the prices of bees and the equipment that goes along with keeping a hive has gone up dramatically in recent years:

About $1000 per colony to get started. You’re looking at the hive boxes and the frames and all the equipment that goes with it. But right now because so many people are beekeeping, actually the price of purchasing bees has skyrocketed.

-Tim Olson, President of the Northwest Iowa Beekeepers Association

For more information on this story and to find out how you can apply for a permit, visit the full news article at Dakota News Now.

Story Source: Dakota News Now

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