I have lived in Sioux Falls for many years. I love this city. But apparently, not everyone feels like I do about Sioux Falls.

I have always found there are lots of diverse things to do and a lot of opportunities for fun, education, and entertainment.

These are some of the responses for a recent Reddit thread titled, “Is Sioux Falls Boring” …

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Ibelieveitsbutter: Born & raised here. After 9 pm, Absolutely. 10x worse if you don't drink.

Granjaguar: What makes this town boring is the people, I've lived here 5 years now and people here are close minded and all about politics like a robot, if you don't aline 100% to them then you are out. Second if you grew up somewhere not in the Midwest then act like you come from a different planet.

Nate379: This so much, having lived around the country I usually refer to this area as one of the most bland parts of the country geographically - it’s bad.

YamahaCruiser: Born & raised here and yes, it can be. There are far more limited options than in the bigger city. If you're used to small town life, Sioux Falls can be great. If you're coming from a much bigger city on the west/east coast, you're going to miss some significant luxuries.

SouthDaCoVid: There are certainly limits at least in part due to the size of the city that can only support so many options. The ratio of "sports bars" to unique restaurants is heavily skewed to sports bars here vs. a larger city.

Fortniteplayr2005: On the surface, it might seem like there are a lot of options but most of them are pretty bland. What I'm trying to say is Sioux Falls ethnic food is generally imitation, and rather bad at that.

Just one more example to understand the vast difference in levels just check out Great Bear Ski Valley and then actually go to a northern big city that has a mountain and you'll be floored by the level difference in land area for snowboarding/skiing.

What if you want to learn a new language in SF, how many people can teach it? Is there even a single person teaching it in SF? What if you want to pay for a coach for your favorite sport? Is there coaching available?

Morningtundra: Below zero, with little to no snow on the ground, can limit your options...Don't drink, hunt, fish, smoke, can limit your options...

Ok-Cheesecake9671: If you’ve lived anywhere that has trees, lakes, hills and are into outdoors, Stay away it’ll kill u. If your idea of fun is working in your house, getting ’faced' at your local watering hole, making chislic and rifle hunting then it’s heaven. Really depends on the person

TrembleTV: Yes. Comparing to other cities, Sioux Falls itself does not offer a lot for locals. Tourists, sure, there is a week's worth of stuff to do. Don't get me wrong, I like Sioux Falls for a lot of reasons, but being honest with my response. If you don't drink or are avoiding alcohol, it's going to be hard here.

X420ninjas: Not much to do here unless you like alcohol. There isn't much to do as an adult let alone a teenager.

I contend if you are bored in Sioux Falls you are just being lazy. Off the top of my mind Here are just a few "Boredom Buster" things you can enjoy in Sioux Falls...

The Oldest Wood-Framed Church In Sioux Falls

Saint Joseph Cathedral at 521 N Duluth Ave in Sioux Falls was founded in 1915. But that's not the oldest church in the city. The Beaver Creek Lutheran Church at Heritage Park on the Augustana College campus at 33rd & S. Prairie Ave. was built in 1892, making it the oldest wood-framed church in Sioux Falls.

Pam Cole Executive Director of the Nordland Heritage Foundation says there are some exciting events and future plans involving Heritage Park. Tours of this wonderful look into the prairie past are available Wed. - Sat. from 10 am to 3 pm and by appointment.


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