One thing that's puzzled visitors vacationing to Mexico for years is that there seems to be an abundance of SD Plates. In fact, there are so many, it doesn't make sense.

Why are there so many South Dakota License Plates in Mexico anyway? One YouTube video took a deep dive on the subject and the results may surprise you.

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Apparently, Ex-Patriots living in Mexico have an easier time registering their vehicles licenses plates through the state of South Dakota, more so than any other state in the U.S. It's commonly known for Americans who live south of the border that the best way to cut through the bureaucratic red-tape of finding plates for your car in Mexico is to register your vehicle through the good old, Mount Rushmore State.

In the video, the narrator explains that the state of South Dakota has an astonishing 58,000 vehicles registered to out-of-state residents. That number is much higher percentage-wise than any other state. They also don't require a VIN number and all registrations can be completed by mail. Long story short: Registering your car or truck is just a lot easier in the Mount Rushmore State. There's also no requirement to get a South Dakota Driver's License in order to register a vehicle in the state.

To see the full explanation as to why it's easier to register your plates and license in South Dakota than any other state, check out this informative YouTube video from Ex Pats in Mexico below.

Story Source: Two Expats Mexico

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