Boy, this is one guy you don't want hanging around your house. Or your car. Or your grill. Or anywhere near you!

He's Mr. Mayhem and if you see this guy, run the other way!

If you have a television (and I'm betting that by this time you do, and maybe even a color one!) you've seen this fella. He's the guy that's gonna come visit you if you have the wrong kind of insurance. He's been on the Allstate TV ads  for what seems like forever! Actually, he only became the 'Mayhem' guy in the summer of 2010.

'He' being actor Dean Winters. And if you think this New York city native looks kind of familiar, you're right. You may have seen him on 'CSI: Miami', 'Sex and the City', 'NYPD Blue', '30 Rock' and other TV roles.

And you'll be seeing more of him, at least if the new CBS series 'Battle Creek' is a hit. The show debuted Sunday March 29 and Dean is a co-star.

But in the meantime, for me, he'll be Mr. 'Mayhem' and I hope he doesn't come visiting anytime soon!

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