Here's a little something to try just for fun.

The next time you're in to see your doctor, go ahead and ask him (with a straight face if possible) what cigarette he'd recommend for you. If he says 'Camels'...well, you my friend, are in the Twilight Zone. You've just been magically transported to 1949.

Yes, kids, there was a time cigarettes were advertised on TV. In fact, entire television shows were exclusively sponsored by cigarette companies and often the stars of those shows would be doing the cigarette advertising. Tobacco was right up there with cars and beer for advertising on the 'old black and white TV's.

Walk up to an old guy (uh, like me for instance) and just say 'Winston tastes good', and chances are they'll finish the jingle with 'Like a cigarette should...' And I'll bet there's a few of us (and getting fewer, thanks in part to cigarettes) that still remember LSMFT. Yes, of course...Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.

Take a look at the TV commercial below. There are so many things wrong with this commercial...

Ah yes, a kindly Doctor enjoying a smoke in his office going over medical records of his patient. Enjoying a relaxing butt on his way to his next house call. Advising that Camels are the way to go.

It all came to a crashing end some 50 years ago. It was in 1970 that President Nixon signed the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act, and by 1971 nobody was recommending cigarettes least not on TV. And now, of course, cigarettes and other tobacco items come with labels advising about the dire consequences of the product.

Oh, and if that doctor of yours actually does recommend Camels, it may be time to find a new doctor.

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