I think most of us like to believe we're moderately intelligent and understand, at least a modicum of what goes on in the world around us. I freely admit that things occasionally get past me and go right over my head.

I'm sure the reasons are many and varied; daily distractions, the complications of life in general and possibly the fact that some things just aren't that important. Which this is not, but, I just want to know that I'm not alone.

Geico has a series of amusing commercials out right now which revolve around the topic, "It's Not Surprising" and feature a number of juxtaposed situations. For example kids playing "Marco Polo" in a backyard pool, where the famous Venetian traveler actually makes an appearance with his llama  and is confused about why the children keep calling his name.

Now historically, Mr. Polo actually used alpacas when he traveled. You see what I mean? This preposterous fact I know! Ridiculous!

But it is another Geico commercial which had me flabbergasted at my own lack of perception. This commercial, titled "Lemonade Not Ice T." features two little boys selling the icy citrus treat from their front yard lemonade stand with actor/rapper Ice T. playing the part of involved dad keeping an eye on the operation.

As people approach them the question is constantly asked "Ice T?"

To which Ice T. frustratedly responds, "What's with these people? It's lemonade! Read the sign. Lemonade!"

I, like Ice T. (as he plays it in the commercial anyway), did not make the connection. Something in my brain kept wondering, "Why do people keep asking that? Are the kids trying to pass off ice tea as lemonade and why? What makes that even moderately funny?"

I even made the point of watching the commercial very carefully once, just to be sure what was in the pitcher was lemonade. Finally, one morning this week as I brushed my teeth, listening to the early morning news, the commercial came on and the fog lifted. The realization came to me that it was funny because people were asking if it indeed was Ice T., the actor, sitting there. They weren't asking if the kids were selling iced tea!!!

I shook my head and am still shaking it at my own intellectual shortcomings! If you have missed this humorous little ad feel free to take a peek now.

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