One of the most difficult things to do in the advertising world is make your product stand out. Now imagine your product deals with a very personal issue - going to the bathroom. How do you make that work on television? What kind of approach do you take? Do you dare try to be funny about something so sensitive?

No problem for the geniuses at PooPourri. The Texas-based company has been around for the past few years and pulls no punches when it comes to advertising their 'toilet spray' using one of the oldest tricks in the books - dry, sarcastic, British wit.

Try these on for size:

And we can't forget the holidays...

Not surprisingly, these ads are not everyone's cup of tea. They've won awards like a Webby for their viral marketing campaign, and an Edison Award for innovation. But Poo Pourri was also singled out by USA Today as one of the worst ads of 2013.

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