We have just six weeks to go until Halloween and time is running out for you to pick up the perfect costume for that big October 31 party.

Remember, Halloween isn't just for kids anymore!

With that in mind, Business Insider, armed with some numbers they got from Google, tracked down the most searched for adult Halloween costumes in each of the 50 United States for 2018.

Dinosaur Costume
Rob Stothard/Getty Images

South Dakota is one of five states, along with Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and Wisconsin, to rock the dinosaur this year.

What else would you expect from the former home of Sue the Tyrannosaurus rex, whose bones were discovered near Faith, on South Dakota's Cheyenne River Reservation, in August of 1990.

Sue is now on permanent display at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Wonder Woman Costume
Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

But while five states are getting prehistoric for Halloween, a whopping 21 other states will be showing off their love of Superheroes by donning a Wonder Woman costume.

The founding member of The Justice League and ambassador of the Amazon people first appeared in comic books in 1941, but got a huge boost of popularity with the release of last summer's (2017) Wonder Woman movie.

Bunny Costume

Second on the list behind Wonder Woman is the classic bunny costume, favored in a dozen different states.

Other costumes making multiple appearances on the list were pirates, clowns, and the DC Comics character Harley Quinn.

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