Summit had an identity problem.

The package said they were Cookie Bars. The commercials said they were Candy Bars.

I guess they were some sort of Hybrid.

Either way, they were popular in the 1980's, but apparently not popular enough. You can go to the store, you can go Trick or Treating, you can head on out to your favorite candy place and look and look and look. But alas, no more Summit.

Introduced back in the early 1980's by Mars, Summit Cookie (or Candy) Bars has more problems than just an identity challenge. Oh, they tasted OK, with that with that wafer covered in peanuts and all coated in chocolate. The primary difficulty was...

...they melted. And i mean melted fast. They didn't even wait for your hand, they melted right there in the package. So they changed the wrapper, said it had 30% more chocolate, made them long and thinner...but nope. Folks weren't buying it, this new 'improved' Summit Candy (or Cookie) Bar.

So production was halted, and the Summit melted into Candy...or Cookie...history.

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