1975 was the year of a magical horse.  That horse's name was Wildfire.

Michael Martin Murphey had been successful before 'Wildfire', recognized as one of the innovative 'young' writers and singers.  But 'Wildfire' vaulted him into an artistic place he previously hadn't really known.

He was famous.  And I mean really famous.

'Wildfire' was everywhere.  A pop hit.  A rock hit.  An adult contemporary hit.  And a country hit.  Suddenly this 30-year-old Texan was in demand.

And thanks to an awesome songwriting and singing talent, Michael was no one-hit wonder.

1982's 'What's Forever For' topped the Country charts, plus 'Still Taking Chances', 'Long Line of Love', 'Carolina In The Pines', 'Don't Count The Rainy Days' and many more followed.

So whatever happened to Michael Martin Murphey?

Well, he's still recording and touring.  In fact, he's played over the past several years here in the Sioux falls area, both at the historic Palace Theater in Luverne and at the Washington Pavilion.  i had the pleasure of seeing that show and can tell you that it was great!  Yes, Michael still has the 'chops' and sounded great.  Oh, and he's been here at KXRB in the studio and perhaps the greatest testament of all...he is truly one nice human being.

Oh, and one more thing.  I still have the 'Blue Sky  Night Thunder' album (yes, vinyl!) and will tell you this: 'Wildfire', great as it is, isn't my favorite song on the album.  There's one called 'Old Desert Rat'...phenomenal and he told me it's a true story.

At 68 years young Michael Martin Murphey still sings a great song and tells a wonderful story.

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