There have been several very talented families in the history of Country Music.

Hank Sr. and Hank Jr.  The Everly Brothers.  The Gatlin Brothers.  George and Lorrie MorganLoretta and Crystal.  And on and on.

But not many could approach the pure talent, on so many levels, as the Mandrells.

In the early 1980's millions of us watched the hit TV variety show 'Barbara Mandrell and The Mandrell Sisters'.


You remember that show, it starred Barbara and....


Well, the sisters!

While Barbara is in the Country Music Hall of Fame, and deservedly so, her two sister's had more talent than most, too.

There was Irlene, who would play the stereotypical 'dumb blonde', and she was anything but that!

And then sister Louise.

While perhaps overshadowed by her sister Barbara, Louise had several hit singles of her own, plus duet hit's with her husband R.C. Bannon.

So whatever happened to Louise Mandrell?

Well, she continues to record, and perform limited engagements.  And she does acting as well, having recently starred in the title role of 'Calamity Jane' at a dinner theater in Fresno, California.

At the age of 60, Louise continues to display her talent(s) to fans around the country!


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