It was something many of us used everyday. Or, at least should have.

Who remembers Gleem toothpaste?

There was a time when Gleem was the number two toothpaste in the United States. Yep, it right right up there with Colgate (#1) and Crest (#3). The year was 1958.

So what made Gleem so good? Well, according to those vintage TV commercials GL-70 and who could resist that! Wait...what exactly is GL-70? Apparently it was a odor and bacteria fighting compound. So Americans by the millions ate it up...or rather, brushed it on.

At least for a while.

By 1969 sales were slipping. Either we were tired of the GL-70 or the other brands (and by now there were dozens and dozens) had somehow forged ahead. Anyway, by then Gleem II was introduced and it had flouride and 'green sparkles'.  And while the competitors were using words like 'paste', 'gels' and more, Gleem stuck with what had worked...toothpaste.

As it turned out Crest got the approval to use the American Dental Association ADA 'Seal of Approval' and that may have contributed to less and less market penetration for Gleem.

It was in 2014 that Gleem was discontinued by Procter & Gamble. But I'll bet if you think can still see that tube of Gleem in your bathroom cabinet. And speaking of going back, check out this vintage Gleem TV commercial and maybe you'll see why there was once a day when we all loved Gleem toothpaste.

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