She's perhaps best known for a huge number one hit she had in May of 1988. That's when Kathy Mattea topped the chart with 'Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses'.

The West Virginia native would go on to have several number one hits, including six consecutive albums that would be certified gold or platinum.

In other words, Kathy Mattea was one of country music's biggest stars beginning with her first Top 5 smash in 1986, 'Love At The Five And Dime'. But it was a Top Ten hit she had in 1989 that caused me to stop and listen. I mean, really listen.

For me, a truly great country music song moves you, maybe to laughter, maybe to tears. But it moves you. And my all-time favorite Kathy Mattea song, 'Where've You Been' does exactly that. Perhaps it's because I had both parents spend years in a nursing home, or maybe it's just one of those songs that reaches across boundaries and into hearts.

So whatever happened to this great voice, this great country music artist?

Well, Kathy is still recording and in fact, recently released a new album Pretty Bird. And while Kathy (along with virtually every other artist) had to postpone a bunch of shows in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, she has several shows scheduled in 20201 that you can catch up on right here.

So yes, the 61 years young Kathy Mattea is still treating us to a beautiful voice and beautiful songs.

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