Charlotte Denise McClain was a big Country Music star in the 1980s.

I mean, she was a huge star!

Oh don't recognize the name Charlotte McClain.  Well, that because you, along with almost everyone who knew her and knows her, calls her 'Charly'.



Charly McClain came out of Memphis, Tennessee and began her musical career at a young age.  But it was the decade of the 1980's that million's of us fan's across the country were first introduced to her.

How many times have you sung along to her great hit 'Who's Cheatin' Who'?

It was late 1980 and early 1981 that the song went straight to #1 (and of course Alan Jackson had a major hit with it in 1997).  And Charly was no one-hit wonder!

That song was followed by several more huge hit's, including the duet smash with Mickey Gilley from 1983, 'Paradise Tonight'.



Charly's final #1 smash was 1985's 'Radio Heart'.

So whatever happened to the supremely talented Charly McClain?

Well, Charly hasn't recorded a new studio album since 1989 and has essentially dropped out of the Country Music eye.  At the age of 57, I hope Charly is enjoying life, family and friends.  And thank you Charly so much for the great Classic's we feature here on KXRB and!

Ok, let's all sing along to the great 'Who's Cheatin' Who'!



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