It seems like the trucker's have always had CB radio's. But when the mid 1970's rolled around, all of a sudden we all had to have them. And country music, as usual, reflected the times.

It was C.W. McCall that broke through and topped not only the country charts, but the pop music charts as well with 'Convoy'. Heck, it even spawned a movie! remember who starred in it? Country Hall of Famer (and actor) Kris Kristofferson.

But CB songs were all over the radio. Red Sovine, as an example, had us all teary eyed the first time we heard 'Teddy Bear'.

And then there was a great country music 'One-Hit-Wonder'.

His name was Cledus Maggard and he stormed to the top of the country chart's with his CB novelty hit 'The White Knight'. Why call it 'novelty'. Well, rather than me trying to explain, just click and listen to the song.



Yep, that's novelty alright!

'The White Knight' was released in 1975 amid the CB craze and became Cledus Maggard's only #1 hit in February 1976.

He was here...and then he was gone.

So whatever happened to Cledus Maggard? Well, Cledus was actually Jay Huguely, an advertising executive and television writer. It was while working in Greenville, South Carolina that Jay...oops, I mean Cledus...released not only his only #1 hit, but his only entry in the Top 40.

Jay (Cledus) passed away in 2008 at the age of 68.

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