There may be some people who might ask, 'Bobby Who?'  And yet, every year they sing along to 'Bobby Who?'...usually starting, oh, maybe a day after Thanksgiving and singing along for about the next month or so.

You see, 'Bobby Who?' is Bobby Helms and his Christmas Classic 'Jingle Bell Rock' is still played every holiday season, even though it was first released nearly 60 years ago!

But Bobby Helms was a lot more than a 'Christmas Classic' artist.


Bobby Helms
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1957 might well be called 'The Year Of Bobby Helms'.  That was the year this great artist from Bloomington, Indiana exploded, not only on the country music chart, but the pop music chart as well.

Bobby moved to Nashville in 1956 and it didn't take long for him to leave his mark on the country music world.  Bobby's first single, in 1957, 'Fraulein', became a #1 country music hit and was a Top 40 pop hit as well.



But Bobby was no one-hit wonder.  He followed 'Fraulein' that same year with another song that topped the country music chart and became a Top 10 pop hit as well.  That great single was 'You Are My Special Angel'.



While Bobby didn't stay at the top of the chart's, he continued to record and tour for over three decades.  Booby passed away in 1997 from emphysema and asthma at the age of 63.  He's been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame for his pioneering contributions.


Oh and...even though it might not be Christmas as you read this, it's OK...go ahead, play the video below and sing along.  We all do...every year.




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