A lot of things happened in the 1980's. It was an active decade. Good things. Bad things. And then there were things that had us on the edge of our proverbial seats.

One of those things that would fall into that latter 'edge of seat' category involved an 18-month-old little girl we all came to know as Baby Jessica.

What did Baby Jessica do?

She fell into a well. She fell 22 feet into a well. And she was stuck there for 58 hours, from October 14th until October 16th. And for those 58 hours (or at least close to it), we watched as rescue efforts began.

And continued. And continued. And continued.

As each hour passed, our hopes dimmed more and more. How much could a little year-and-a-half girl stand?

As it turned out, a lot. This is one of those stories that had a happy ending!

Baby Jessica McClure was rescued, and in remarkably good shape. Oh, there were problems, including gangrene that had set into a foot and a nasty scrape on her forehead. But all-in-all, the world cheered her rescue.

This is not the kind of '15 minutes of fame' that Andy Warhol was talking about. But with an ending like this, it was all good. And so...we all went on living our lives.

But whatever happened to her, Baby Jessica?

Well, Time Magazine did a follow-up in October of 2017 (30 years later) and reported that Baby Jessica is now Jessica McClure and works at an elementary school in Midland, Texas and has two children of her own.

And she will always have a piece of our hearts from that October month back in 1987.

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