It's 1995 and whoever this new guy is, I hope there's more of where that came from!

Folks from coast-to-coast were saying that when they heard a new country song called "I Let Her Lie". This was real country, traditional sounding country and everyone loved that voice.

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That voice belonged to a Cairo, Georgia guy by the name of Daryle Singletary. And it didn't take long for every country music fan to know that name.

"I Let Her Lie" was taken from Daryle's debut album, and he followed it up with another smash from that album, "Too Much Fun". It was five years earlier that Daryle had moved to Nashville and followed a routine that singers had followed for decades, singing in any and all venues that would have him. Hoping for that first big break, he sang demo's for other artists to record, one of which was recorded by superstar randy Travis. And it was Travis who helped him get a recording contract.

It was in 1996, and off his second album All Because Of You, that Daryle again hit the singles jackpot with "Amen Kind Of Love".

Daryle continued his career, recording and touring around the country. His 2017 American Grandstand album with Rhonda Vincent topped the Bluegrass album charts and was acclaimed throughout the country. There was no doubt about it: Daryle's roots were in gospel, bluegrass and hardcore, real country music.

Tragically, Daryle passed away at his home in Lebanon, Tennessee on February 12th, 2018 from a blood clot. He was only 46 years old.

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