It is just unbelievable that July is over! I know that as adults we say this at the end of almost every month. However, you may have noticed that kids are oblivious to that kind of observation, except when August rolls around.

After all, it is Back-to-School month!

Usually, kids are having too much fun to notice summer passing by! They are living it up and soaking in every sunshiny day and star-filled night. Every bike ride, trip to the pool, and backyard adventure with their buddies is another chance to experience unbridled joy.

When we become adults (whenever that happens) we sometimes forget what it feels like to completely let go and enjoy ourselves. That is where Downtown Sioux Falls comes in!

The first Friday of August is this week and that means a celebration! A celebration that includes live music, art, special hours, and special prices at your favorite downtown shopping locations, kids' activities, games, and food, lots of food.

One of the most interesting downtown destinations gets in on the First Friday fun by offering free admission to the Kirby Science Discovery Center and Visual Arts Center. They'll have fun science-related activities and demonstrations, scavenger hunts, and artist receptions. They'll also be offering discounted tickets to Cinedome movies.

As if that weren't enough, there is also an Eastbank Block Party this Friday too! So you can take all the above activities, then add all the vendors that will have everything from jewelry, to personal care items, to clothing, and did I mention- - food?

At least five food trucks will be there offering everything from barbeque to burgers, tacos to ice cream, and more.

So round up your family and friends to spend an evening like you did when you were a kid. Just having some real summer fun- -before summer is really done!

Source: Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. and Washington Pavilion

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