Believe it or not, fall is less than 30 days away!  It's almost like the Sioux Empire didn't have a summer with cooler summer temperatures lingering.  Fall is the time for comfy sweaters, perfect temperatures, and of course football.

This season is also the time to get out and enjoy the weather before it's -40 outside.  Living in the Sioux Empire during fall makes this an easy task!

Downtown Sioux Falls always has a list of activities happening throughout each month.  To kick-off pumpkin spice latte season, D.T.S.F is hosting a "Fall Boutique Crawl" on September 12th.  It's like a bar crawl, except you are shopping for the latest fall fashions.  The best part is all the shops on the crawl are local, like "Chelsea's Boutique" and "TH Grey."

One other event that caught my attention is the "Downtown Fall Restaurant Week" starting on November 1st until the 9th.  There will be more details about this week-long event coming soon!

Visit Downtown Sioux Falls to find more events happening this fall!

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