Mothers sacrifice a lot for their kids. A lot.

"Like what", you might ask. Well, it's a long list, so brace yourself:

  • Sleep - New parents can almost recognize other first-timers or new baby holders, by the dark circles under their eyes and the fatigue etched into their faces. Are they happy when babyface starts sleeping through the night? Of course, but losing sleep over your kids only ends, when you do.
  • Time - Moms have a limited amount of this luxury from the get-go, but the minute kids enter their lives, this precious commodity becomes even more rare. This includes the extinct "quiet time". (Unless of course, you're up at 2 in the morning sitting in the living room by yourself. It might be really quiet then. However, you're probably covered in puke and trying to decide if you need to stay home from work).
  • Friends - Depending on your friends' position on the parenthood yardstick, you'll either have everything, or nothing in common. And even if you have a lot in common, finding space and time to get together and talk about it might be difficult at best. So yes, Mom is giving up friends for you, kid.
  • Career Aspirations - This one goes without saying, almost. Many parents have given up the career paths they were navigating because family meant more to them.
  • Personal  Space - The minute a child enters your life, you need to wave a fond goodbye to anything that resembles an exclusive zone of your own - physically & mentally.
  • Food - This sacrifice is a painful one that more and more moms are experiencing. In an effort to make sure their children are fed, they simply pass on meals. If the pantry is almost empty, what you do have, goes to your kids. The fact that grocery, gas, and rents have raised to impossible levels doesn't help either.
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How you can give hungry Moms a nourishing meal, which costs less than two specialty coffees, at your favorite place, is more than easy.

  • $10 donation to Feeding South Dakota provides 30 meals.
  • $25 - 75 meals (or a week's worth of food for one family).
  • $50 - An astounding 150 meals!

...and so on.

How many hungry South Dakotans are there?

90,000 people may not have a meal today in South Dakota without help.

Your mom would be so proud of you for helping other moms who are painfully hungry. This would be the perfect Mother's Day gift! Honoring your fantastic mom, by making sure other moms on the edge of extreme hunger find food and comfort.

Give to Feeding South Dakota now. Please.

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