September 11, 2001: a day that will forever be in most people's memory.  It's amazing this happened 18 years ago, and kids today are learning this as part of American history.  I was only in kindergarten at the time when America was attacked.

It was like any other day.  My class was sitting on the carpet like we did every morning.  Suddenly, the school principal called all teachers to report outside the hallway.  We were on a soft lockdown not knowing what was going on.  A few moments later, an announcement was made through the intercom system saying that our country was invaded.

My first thought was my dad.  He worked in downtown Chicago at the time and I was worried about him.  My mom stayed at home and immediately called the school to let my sister and I know that he was safe.  When school was out for the day, my mom explained what happened in the simplest way 6-year-olds can understand.

We as a country are stronger today because of the attacks on 9/11.  Al-Qaeda did hurt our country in many ways, but we conquered the pain and sorrow.  We remember all those who lost their lives and the first responders who answered America's call for help. Please be sure to thank America's heroes every day, especially on this day.

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