College seems like a distant memory for some people.  Others remember college as the best four years of their lives.

Despite a global pandemic still looming in the world, "early decision" college applications are due by November 1st.  High school seniors have a lot to think about when it comes to deciding where they will spend the next four years of their academic lives.  If seniors are considering one of South Dakota's fine academic institutions, WalletHub recently released the Top Nine Colleges and Universities throughout the state to help them navigate this process.

According to the study from WalletHub, they "compared over 1,000 higher-education institutions in the U.S. based on 30 key measures grouped into seven categories, such as Student Selectivity, Cost & Financing and Career Outcomes. The data set ranges from student-faculty ratio to graduation rate to post-attendance median salary."  This specific study only focused on WalletHub's findings of higher education institutions in South Dakota.

Based on WalletHub, these are the Top Nine Colleges and Universities in South Dakota:

  1. Augustana University
  2. Mount Marty College
  3. University of Sioux Falls
  4. Dakota Wesleyan University
  5. University of South Dakota
  6. Dakota State University
  7. Northern State University
  8. South Dakota State University
  9. Black Hills State University

Each of the top three schools listed has a number one rating in WalletHub's study.  Augustana University, for example, has the number one spot for Graduation Rate, Admission Rate, and Student-Faculty Ratio.  Mount Marty College is ranked number one for Gender and Racial Diversity.  The University of Sioux Falls takes the top spot for the least amount of crime on campus.

Read each institution's full report by clicking here.

Given the expensive price tag of securing a college degree, at least college students know they truly getting their money's worth in South Dakota!

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