Every year, my grandparents travel to Estes Park, Colorado.  They love the mountain air and seeing various types of wildlife roaming the town.  My grandparents usually fly instead of driving 10+ hours.  However, this time they decided to load up their car and stopped to visit me for a few days on their way home from Colorado.

When they came to visit me last year, I didn't have a solid plan.  I was still new to the area.  Since then, I have become familiar with all the places to visit and where to eat.

After working at a football game on Friday night, my grandparents and I ate dinner.  When I returned home, I made some brownies and cleaned my apartment for my grandparents' visit.   Saturday, we started our morning with some breakfast...at 8:30 AM.  My grandparents are early risers, so I had a lot of coffee ready to go!

Since fall weather officially entered the Sioux Empire last week, I thought it would be a good idea to go apple picking.  We traveled to Harrisburg and spent most of the morning in the apple orchard.  After our stop at the orchard, my grandparents wanted to see the "Arc of Dreams" sculpture and pay another visit to Falls Park.

We spent the whole day together. As I previously mentioned, I don't see my family too often.  Having my dad here one weekend, and my grandparents the next weekend made me really happy.  Everyone is always very busy due to life's responsibilities, so it's always special when my family visits me!

What are your favorite family moments?  Where do you like to spend your day with your family in the Sioux Empire?

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