Summer is the perfect time of year to experience new adventures.  Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, people are taking advantage of various opportunities to continue their travels.  South Dakota could actually be the first place many people are choosing to visit this year.

I've noticed a lot of individuals from my home state of Illinois as well as other states are visiting the land of "Great faces and Great places."  Maybe it's because our state has limited COVID-19 restrictions and minimal health risks compared to other states in the nation.  However, you know what I think the real reason is?  I believe that many people are finally recognizing the beauty and incredible state this has to offer.  According to the South Dakota Tourism Industry,  just in 2019 alone, 14.5 million people went to visit South Dakota.

But, where are tourists traveling to in the state?  What draws someone in?  Based on a recent study from Planetware, these are the top 12 attractions in South Dakota.

Top Tourist Attractions In South Dakota

What attractions or activities in South Dakota you would add to the list?

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